It turns any Docker image into a stateful microservice attached to your Heroku app

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$ heroku plugins:install dockhero
Installing plugin dockhero … done
$ heroku addons:create dockhero
Creating dockhero on • sushi-with-docker... free Created dockhero-concentric-64380 Please complete the setup by visiting Dashboard: heroku addons:open dockhero Use heroku addons:docs dockhero to view documentation
$ heroku dh:generate rethinkdb
Writing files: --> dockhero-compose.yml Stack generated successfully
$ heroku config:set RETHINKDB_PASSWORD=my-pretty-password
Setting RETHINKDB_PASSWORD and restarting • sushi-with-docker... done, v3 RETHINKDB_PASSWORD: my-pretty-password
$ heroku dh:compose up -d
Creating network "dockhero_default" with the default driver Creating volume "dockhero_rethink-data" with local driver Pulling db (rethinkdb:latest)... latest: Pulling from library/rethinkdb 8ad8b3f87b37: Extracting [===================> ] 19.92 MB/51.37 MB 4bfcd4f5772d: Download complete Starting dockhero_db_1 Starting dockhero_web_1
$ heroku logs -p dockhero --tail
2016-09-23T13:02:04 dockhero[dockhero.db_1]: Listening on http addresses:, 2016-09-23T13:02:04 dockhero[dockhero.db_1]: Server ready
This plugin provides a convenient way to use Docker’s native tools (like docker-compose) with the Docker we just launched for you
See plugin docs for more info

This launches a Docker node in AWS EC2 and exposes its address to your app via DOCKHERO_HOST Heroku configuration variable
See Quick Start guide

We maintain a repository of example stacks which work out of the box. This command writes the example stack definition into dockhero-compose.yml, which is a regular docker-compose.yml, but named differently to avoid conflicts with the local Docker setup
See generators registry

You can use Heroku config vars in dockhero-compose.yml so that you don’t need to commit the passwords into Github
Find more about variables substitution

Use native Docker tools via our CLI wrapper. This doesn’t interfere with your local Docker setup
See Docker Compose official docs

The output from your Docker containersis redirected to Heroku logs and can be analyzed with the add-ons like Papertrail, Librato or Logentries
Read about logging with Heroku


  1. Run Apache Benchmark to test your Heroku app's performance right from AWS, from the same availability zone where your Heroku app is hosted.Try now
  2. Render your Heroku app
    via Google's experimental
    QUIC protocol.Try now
  3. Host RethinkDB alongside
    your Heroku app.Try now
  4. Use RethinkDB + NodeJS app
    as an ActionCable alternative.See on Github
  5. Improve your Heroku app's
    loading time across the world
    with CloudFlare's Railgun.Try now


  • Consolidated Logs

    Your Docker stack’s logs will appear among your Heroku app’s logs.

  • SSL included

    We provide SSL termination for your Docker stack. You don’t need to worry about SSL certificate.

  • Use familiar tools

    We provide a Heroku plugin which is a thin wrapper around docker’s CLI.

  • Servers included

    No need to manage servers and OS. No need to sign up for a separate cloud.

  • Automated Daily Backups

    Host your data with confidence with daily backups of Docker volumes.

  • High Availability

    Run your workload in a cluster

  • Stacks
    quick start

  • Hello World

    Basic static website to test your setupDeploy

    NoSQL database which pushes JSON to your apps in real-time.Deploy

    The HTTP/2 web server and proxy with automatic HTTPS.Deploy

    Proxy which makes the connection between your origin server and the CloudFlare network is as fast as possible.Deploy
  • FAYE

    Simple pub/sub messaging for the webDeploy

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Heroku add-on is a manual process and may take us
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We're shutting down Dockhero add-on
Please migrate to a different provider before April 10th, 2024.

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